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Meet Shadow Seller

Shadow is a generative ai sales mentor that provides fast, clear, contextually accurate insights and advice for sellers. 


At Shadow Seller we have combined sales best practices with our more contemporary thinking around behavioral economics and human decision making. 

Shadow takes your situation and can advise on sales strategy and tactics, generate meeting guides, meeting agendas, call guides, or talk tracks.

Shadow will help you navigate the journey of the complex sale, from recommending how to qualify with tact & subtlety to how to create preference. 

You're never alone with Shadow Seller.

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Put Shadow Seller to work

Spend less time preparing and more time winning

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"It's adapt or die"

Let's be candid...veteran sellers need to leverage all the modern tools you can. Whether you're trapped in the workforce or just fending off retirement, you know you gotta get with it.  Age & experience alone won't continue to beat youth & enthusiasm. 

We get it and we built Shadow Seller for this challenge. You're overloaded with info. You need to cut through, clarify and simplify. And you need to do it on-demand. Shadow's got you covered.

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"I don’t need to know the why, I just need to know the what"

B2B sellers are overwhelmed. You're jumping from call to call with no time for prep. You need the next steps NOT the thinking behind your sales process. You need some hacks & short-cuts. You just need the what's next?

      It's called cognitive overload - no more mental bandwidth. Don't worry...think of us as cognitive offloadWe get it and we built Shadow Seller to get you prepped for the next call. 

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Sales leaders - Stop wasting budget on over-complicated, under-used, expensive sales training

Sales teams face challenges in competing with larger competitors. They cannot spend on sales training and method like the big firms, but feel obligated to nonetheless. It's an arms race you can't win, you're throwing good money after bad. 

Time for a different approach - You know your sellers are overloaded so do what you expect them to do when they're faced with a pursuit they can't win - Change the Game. Shadow Seller's the gamechanger that will even the playing field.

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We ask "non-sellers" to "sell" ...but provide them no help

All types of companies expect more production from their "non-producers." Project managers, account directors, account leads are all expected to sell these days but they've never done it before, so what makes you think they can do it now?

Shadow's got this covered as well. Deploy Shadow to this team and know that Shadow will coach them along with everything from basic sales approaches, advice and even account strategies.

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