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Account Profiling with Shadow

The intentions and ideas of what target account planning is about are valid - they just take too long, cost too much and are fraught with assumptions and biases. Why wouldn’t you use AI tools (like Shadow) to gather insights, automate parts of the research, help craft the messaging, and join all the dots for you. Shadow will reduce the time you spend doing this by around 90%, and frankly do it better!  How so?

  • Time – (is money). Its hard to get a statistically valid estimate of the amount of time companies spend doing account planning, and as we all know anyway, there are three types of a lies – “lies, damn lies and statistics.” Anecdotally, and based on my own experience, we spend hours on this across multiple people (per account). Even with resources sitting offshore, using GenAI will still save you time, money and produce better, more unbiased results.

  • Boredom – most of this type of work is a real drag. The uncomfortable truth is people don’t like it, and as the time goes by the quality of their work declines. The explosion in internet information has actually made it worse, ‘cos there’s so much information out there, and God forbid we miss something.

  • Bias - Teams will sit around and identify their USP's & ICP's (biased), then make superficial connections.  A well tuned, specialist AI is incapable of those types of biases. It'll tell you where the synergies really exist between your two organizations, and they're probably not where you think they are!


And now the hanging pitch:

  • Can’t I just use Chat GPT? – Chat GPT can neither get to the detail of the target company nor can it match those details up to your most contextually relevant USP’s. A specialized Gen AI (which is correctly tuned) can.  

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