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  • Welcome to the FAQ's Section!
    Lots of questions & lots of answers. Feel free to fire us a question if you don't see it here. And let's face it - the biggest annoyance with most company's FAQ's - they tend to be marginal issues with easy answers. Our philosophy is a little different. We ask the kind of questions we'd ask in your shoes - so let's dive right in with the tough stuff!!
  • Why can't I just use Chat GPT for what you're doing?
    This is a question with lots of points to consider, on the surface. The bottom line is that you COULD use Chat GPT to provide some sales help - but just 'cos you could, doesn't mean you should - so why not? CHAT GPT AUTOMATES MEDIOCRITY This is the best quote I've seen on this subject, and it's relevant here. As we have said - you can use Chat GPT, but you will be the victim of unoriginal, un-curated mediocre content. Chat GPT has learned from the internet which contains the full spectrum of quality. While Shadow has the language skills of Chat GPT we've trained them on "our" content. Originally authored, collected, studied, curated, contextualized, tokenized & indexed (more on that later.) Add your company information to it and it's hot! Like so many things in life & in business it's not that you use a solution like Shadow - it's how you use it. SECURITY & CONFIDENTIAL INFO If your team is engaging in these types of situational dialogues with ChatGPT, they will be sharing potentially sensitive information (in order to provide the necessary context - real value here is all about context.) Once this is out there...its out there! OpenAI uses ALL the information it gets during any "discourse" to continue to train their model, and it's therefore open to drive answers (potentially) for competitors. If you're sharing any customer information, even just case study information, you could be contravening an NDA. ChatGPT is a public application and business and enterprises have seen an increase in the number of their employees using it with sensitive company data. This poses a risk as OpenAI may use the content as training data to improve its models. Company employees should not have to cut and paste sensitive company information in the public ChatGPT in an attempt to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness. Shadow uses the Microsoft OpenAI service API’s to interact with Large Language Model’s which is a cloud service provided by Microsoft in their fully controlled Azure environment. The data going between the user and models via prompts, completions or embeddings is stored and queried from the customers own secure data sources and it’s usage by Microsoft is governed by their data privacy policies. What that means is your information is NOT getting shared with the world at large. GENERIC Vs SPECIFIC You will get some decent answers to sales situational & pursuit questions when you converse with Chat GPT - but as you continue a "dialogue" you'll notice they are somewhat generic & repetitive. In some cases they're also just plain wrong and come with dubious references. Shadow has been specifically built, tuned & trained for complex sales situations. The goal is simplification (sales is complex), speed (get you answers fast) & relevant (get you the most accurate, contextually cogent advice.) Generative AI models attempt to cover a broad range of tasks, we specialize in solving a specific set of challenges tailored to seller productivity, efficiency & effectiveness. Shadow is trained and fine-tuned, ensuring it generates results that reflect the needs of modern sellers & sales teams. Faster Time-to-Value - Using Shadow means you don't have to spend time tweaking and retraining generic models to fit your needs. Our out-of-the-box solution is purpose-built delivering rapid time-to-value. While it all works better with the context that you add - we have some of that already built in. Unparalleled Domain Knowledge - Shadow is crafted by a team of experts deeply immersed in selling. We've spent years living (and studying) the nuances, complexities, and challenges of modern sales. This has allowed us to create a unique mix of best practice, modern considerations, contextually cogent advice, delivered via a fast, accurate generative ai. It's all about the context & nuance - Sales is a game of inches - just like life. The difference between winning and not is small - its about the nuance. TECHNICAL CREDIT WHERE IT'S DUE Skills and aspects around tokenization & indexing directly contribute to an AI's ability to understand and interpret context, which is fundamental in delivering relevant, accurate, and insightful insights & advice. Shadow excels in these areas & is adept at handling complex, nuanced, and varied data, thereby offering a more sophisticated and context-aware experience to its users. Intelligent Tokenization for Contextual Understanding: Our expertise in tokenization allows Shadow to dissect and comprehend language at an unprecedented level. By breaking down text into intelligible tokens, Shadow doesn't just read - it understands nuances and contexts. This intricate processing, using our curated datasets, offers you a level of data interpretation that's rare and valuable. Speed and Accuracy with Advanced Indexing: Speed is nothing without accuracy, and Shadow excels at both. Our innovative indexing methods ensure rapid access to relevant information, all while maintaining the highest levels of precision. Shadow delivers with efficiency that's hard to match.
  • My Sellers (if you're a sales leader) or "I" (if you're a seller) know this stuff.
    That's a good one so let's unpack it! More frequently these days, people and products that offer improvements are taking as personal affronts. Challenges to your expertise, implying that you're deficient in some way. Our counsel here is to encourage you to think probabilistically. "Can something like Shadow improve my chances? Help me be even better than I am?" Cognitive Overload - More experienced sellers suffer from this more frequently than others. It's because you (or your team) have accumulated knowledge and then have been overwhelmed with even more, and confusion prevails. Not to be too dramatic, but plane crashes generally happen due to a confluence of three factors (i) Poor (but not terrible) weather (ii) a minor technical issue (iii) crew fatigue. Shadow is here to help keep you on top of your game "more" of the time. Remember...only the mediocre can be at their best all the time! New Ideas - Sellers should avail themselves to contemporary thinking that includes ideas like story telling, and the behavioral insights that have emerged from the domains of psychology and neuroscience. Shadow combines these type of ideas using a unique recipe, and you can specify the recipe that's used based either on what you prefer - or more importantly what you think your audience will respond to. Otherwise you're just another hammer, and then everything looks like a nail. Situational Fluency - As you become more comfortable with Shadow you'll be sharing information that allows Shadow to base their recommendation on increasing context. This means you're better able to consider the unique characteristics of each situation you find yourself in. Using the same old, same old won't get it done anymore. Scheduling Nightmare - No matter what & how much you know, modern sellers race from one call to the next, dealing with prospects and accounts at different stages. This is stressful and confusing. Shadow is built to help you think - to cut through, clarify and capture the essence that makes you more effective.
  • How can I drive the most value from Shadow?
    Value in this sense is about context. A specialized GEN ai like Shadow still uses the large and natural language models pioneered by Open AI, but its pointed at a specific content type (built by us) and tuned (managed by us) to behave in a certain way. Interacting with Shadow is a conversation. Think of it in terms of starting "high" and drilling into the subject with Shadow: You'll need to ask Shadow questions and explore different aspects of Shadow's responses, so You need to "ask the right questions." 1. Ask yourself the question: “what do I want to get out of this exchange with my Shadow mentor?" Think about it as if you were going into a meeting with your Sales Manager, where you’re looking for their opinion, input, advice. Or you’re having lunch with your mentor, a more general wide ranging conversation about selling. You might be looking for broad advice and opinion or you might have specific questions. You might be looking for a specific outcome, for example a meeting plan, or call guide, or an account plan. 2. As we said, start high: Start at the highest level of the conversation, introduce it as you would in a conversation with your boss or your mentor or a colleague. Give them some context. GEN AI is designed to simulate human-like conversation and provide information and assistance. The more context you provide, the more valuable the responses. This is true in human to human conversations AND a.i. conversations. For example, you might use a description as to the general “stage” that a prospect is in as you engage with them. We have used this framework for some insights on how to drive optimal engagements with Shadow based on "sales stages that you are in." See the "Getting the most from Shadow" section pf the FAQ's for more details.
  • Seems like there's a ton of "sales ai tools" emerging...why wouldn't I go with those?
    There is. I've looked at a lot and say that I have still not seen one that does what Shadow does. Most sales "co-pilots" are still focused on helping sellers create emails and sales leaders forecast "better." The other "solutions" all suffer from the same old problem - they're confusing. Shadow is built with one major thought in mind - simplification. The "solutions" I've seen are anything but simple - again they present screens with multiple tabs & lousy navigation. This becomes another reason for sellers to throw their arms up in the air and once again...wing it. Shadow cuts through, clarifies and captures the very essence of sales preparation & readiness.
  • What types of outputs will Shadow give me?
    Right now there are generally 6 types - Strategic advice Tactical advice Call guides Meeting agendas Talk tracks Questions to ask/points to make Alternatively, just ask the question and Shadow will answer and start a dialogue with you.
  • Won't the "big" guys like Salesforce offer this type of functionality as part of the CRM platform?
    Companies like Salesforce have been offering AI type functionality in different guises for a while. They will certainly broaden this out. It is bound to come with (significant) additional cost and will focus on "their" data (i.e. the data housed in Sales Cloud, for example) so it will be constrained by whatever data exists in the your CRM today. This will have some value - it's part of the solution, but not all of it. Shadow can use your CRM data (with your permission) as another data source, that adds more context. Shadow is built with the foundational insights provided by combined best practice and modern selling ideas. We can add your company perspective and the important considerations that exist in your target market. This enables you to achieve fluency in the language that links your solutions' uniques to the relevant challenges of your prospect and their industry. For example - it's not just that you can conceive & create great customer experiences, it's how you connect those to help a Property & Casualty Carrier that's figuring out the challenges presented to the business as they deal with an ageing population and the consequences of global climate change. It's this recipe that gets you prepared better, faster and cleaner and enables you to present an early POV that drives the prospect's preference for you.
  • Our current sales training & coaching vendor is talking about making their information more available anyway?
    We're sure they are - they're being forced into it. Sales training, coaching & method companies have delivered & engaged in the same way for years - that's part of the problem. They are unlikely to change a model that has proven very lucrative for them. Some will "dress it up" and deliver over Zoom for example, but that's still fundamentally the same. Lipstick on the pig, so to speak. Shadow negates the need for this training - Shadow gives you the answers you need quickly and accurately so you're not having to spend time you don't have reading through sales manuals (in digital or folder form). You can be better prepared in less time for that next meeting or call.
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