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The Fabulous Fiasco of Freedom - Addition by Subtraction

Having spent more time in and around sales than I care to admit, I ended up back in the sharp end of the game over the last couple of years. Yes, some things have changed in sales. Other things? Well, not so much. The job of the seller is more demanding. Info overload is not just an affliction of the prospect but one that sellers suffer from as well. Just because the demands might be more complicated doesn't mean the answers have to be. The answers if anything have to be more simple. And how sellers get there has to be more clear.

One thing that has not changed - the snake oil salesmen of sales training & methodology. They remain and continue to  peddle fear like it's going out of fashion, swearing blind that it's impossible for you to get by without their groundbreaking, innovative, yada yada methods.

Today's seller is expected to be everything short of a sword-swallowing psychic. We're supposed to be industry experts, solution gurus, functional authorities, politicians, pals, mind readers and entertainers. I recently read a job description that only Superman could fulfill.

These Herculean demands fester into a pressure cooker situation. They erode precious time for careful thought and consideration, prepping for calls, and planning for meetings. Reflection time is slashed, replaced by chaotic firefighting. So, how do most cope? By strapping on a helmet and bravely charging in. Although commendable, this 'best we can' approach often leads to lackluster results and missed opportunities to promote preference with the prospect. It can also lead to unjust internal criticism from those who supposedly “support” us. You know who I mean.

Veteran reps generally know what needs to be done but are as strapped for time as a hare in a tortoise race. Younger reps want action, not theory - they're not looking for a "why," they're hunting for the “what’s next?” – the cheat sheet.  Yes, they've faced some flak for this but let's be honest, they're onto something. They’re simply prioritizing action over unnecessary information & more training – it’s called progress.

Meanwhile, sales leaders and CEOs continue to be sold the 'golden goose' of sales training and methodology. These convoluted, exorbitantly priced, time-stealing monsters are about as much use as an ash tray on a motorcycle. It's high time we put our foot down and yelled, "ENOUGH!"

Enter the caped crusader: Shadow Seller. Sometimes it’s as meaningful to say what you’re not as to describe what you are. We're not another piece of cumbersome, over-priced kit. We're not here to add another layer of complexity. Our approach is not about inventing better mousetraps or methodologies. We say trash the training!. We’ve all had enough of terribly clever, got all the answers, outdated people, wearing outdated suits, telling outdated stories, pedaling outdated ideas.

Simplicity and efficiency have been locked away in the dungeon of complexity for too long, it's time we released them. Our plucky team of visionaries is on a mission: to create a revolution in sales training and methodology, or rather, dismantle it brick by brick.

The dawn of Shadow Seller heralds a new age. We're all about addition by subtraction. We cut through the noise.  We realized that sellers don't need an encyclopedia of skills or a toolbox larger than a walk-in closet. They need a streamlined approach that saves time and lets them hone in on what truly matters, when it truly matters.

With our platform, we clear away the irrelevant. We cut through and clarify. We illuminate contextually cogent, relevant information and advice that saves seller’s time while preserving quality, thereby improving performance.

As the big cheese of Shadow Seller, my mission, should I choose to accept it (spoiler alert: I do), is to keep rattling cages in the sales world. We're redefining selling, championing simplicity, efficiency, and back-to-basics that really move the needle. With Shadow Seller, we're saying adios to time-wasting complexities and hola to maximizing potential.

We're here to offer a raft in a rising sea of demands, a lifeline to sellers and CEOs who are grappling with the ceaseless pull of the old tide.

So, let's shine a light, transforming the sales landscape, one streamlined, efficient step at a time. Together, we'll restore order from chaos.

We’re Shadow Seller – where you go – we go.

The Birth of Shadow Seller - Challenging the Status Quo of Traditional Sales Training

In an industry dominated by traditional sales training methods, I observed how these companies had fooled everyone for years by unnecessarily overcomplicating the sales process. As someone deeply ingrained in the world of sales, I recognized the shortcomings of these outdated approaches and the need for a paradigm shift. It was time to challenge the status quo and create a solution that would cut through the complexity and simplify the lives of sales professionals, while saving budget dollars for revenue and company leaders.  This realization fueled the birth of Shadow Seller.

Shadow Seller emerged as a disruptive force, aiming to revolutionize sales training and methodology by exposing it’s inefficiencies and eradicating it. These companies have buried salespeople under a mountain of information, drowning them in lengthy training materials, complex frameworks, and outdated techniques. It was as if complexity was mistaken for expertise, leaving sales professionals overwhelmed and struggling to navigate the ever-increasing demands of their roles.

With a deep understanding of these issues, I set out to create a platform that would strip away the unnecessary complexity and provide salespeople with straightforward, actionable guidance. Shadow Seller was born as a direct response to the shortcomings of the old sales training and method companies that had perpetuated this unnecessary complexity for far too long.

By leveraging the power of AI and curated best practices, Shadow Seller removes the barriers created by convoluted training programs. We believe that salespeople shouldn't need to spend endless hours dissecting complex theories or memorizing cumbersome frameworks to excel in their roles. Instead, they deserve a solution that delivers precisely what they need to know, when they need to know it.

Shadow Seller cuts through the noise, delivering clear and concise recommendations that salespeople can immediately implement. Our platform focuses on providing sales professionals with the "what" actions they need to take, rather than bogging them down with unnecessary explanations of the "why." This empowers salespeople to make informed decisions, adapt quickly, and take the necessary steps to keep moving forward.

We aim to liberate sales professionals from the shackles of unnecessary complexity, allowing them to spend more time building relationships, understanding customer needs, shaping account strategies, marshaling resources and ultimately driving revenue growth. Shadow Seller represents a departure from the deceptive allure of complexity, providing a simplified and streamlined approach that enables salespeople to thrive in the modern confusing and exacting sales landscape.

Together, let us break free from the confines imposed upon us by outdated sales training methods and embrace the simplicity and effectiveness of Shadow Seller.

Empowering Salespeople with Eradication - Introducing Shadow Seller: The AI-Powered Solution

At Shadow Seller, we believe in eradicating traditional training processes to empower salespeople with simplicity, efficiency & more time. Our innovative solution, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), references curated and refined best practice training and methods with our expertise & contemporary ideas. We understand that sales professionals don't need to know the intricate "why" behind every action to be highly effective; they simply need to know the "what" actions to perform. Our goal is to provide them with the exact guidance they need, combining AI, proven practices, and modern thinking. Just like flipping a switch to get electricity – we don’t need to know how Edison (or Tesla) got it to work, or even how it works, we just want to shed light on the darkness.

AI-Driven Recommendations: Shadow Seller utilizes advanced AI algorithms that analyze a purpose built repository of curated and refined best practices, modern thinking, company information and industry data. By harnessing the power of this intelligent technology, our platform generates precise recommendations for sales actions. Salespeople can trust the AI to deliver the most effective "what" actions based on successful historical data and proven methods. Strategies, tactics and tangible tools like meeting plans, call guides and talk tracks. Things that keep your prospect engagement optimized.

You ask a question – like “How do I move a suspect from the  Interest phase forward to the next phase of demand – the Pain phase?” Shadow Seller will respond with something like:

  • “Teach for Differentiation: where you establish credibility by discussing your understanding of the customer's key challenges. Instead of asking what keeps them up at night, share the top 3 insights based on your experience and research, highlighting common challenges faced by similar companies. Shadow can help you with those insights.

  • The second step is where you might introduce a new perspective or insight that connects the customer's challenges to a bigger problem or opportunity they may not have considered before. The goal is to surprise and intrigue.  

  • In step three, you present the business case for why the reframed perspective is important. You might use a relevant "story" here. The aim is to make them realize the impact of the problem or opportunity and create a sense of urgency.

  • Step four is where you make sure the customer sees themselves in the story you're telling. You aim to create an emotional connection by sharing narratives and examples that resonate with the customer's own experiences. This helps them internalize the message and see the relevance to their own organization.

  • In step five, you review the specific capabilities or solutions required to address the challenges and opportunities identified earlier. It's important to focus on how the customer can act differently rather than solely on the features of your own product or service. The emphasis is on changing behavior, not just making a purchase.

  • Engage customers on both rational and emotional levels, presenting insights and stories that challenge their thinking and inspire action. By following this six-step process, you can deliver a compelling teaching pitch that differentiates your offering and drives meaningful progress & conversations.”


Contextual Cogence: In complex sales scenarios, quick, clear and informed decision-making is crucial. Shadow Seller provides contextual support by considering the specific context in which salespeople are operating. With AI-driven insights, our platform delivers concise and actionable guidance tailored to the unique situation at hand. Salespeople can confidently make informed choices, knowing that the recommendations are backed by AI and curated best practices and through the lens of your business and target industry.

More Value: Our AI-powered solution is constantly learning and improving. Given the right circumstances & systems access, Shadow Seller can ingest data from your proprietary CRM to add more context to the AI. By leveraging the power of AI and curated best practices, Shadow Seller frees salespeople from the burdensome and time-consuming nature of extensive training (and re-training) and arduous, time consuming preparation. It also  liberates CEOs and CFOs from writing bloated checks for sales trainings and coaching that deliver no value.

At Shadow Seller, we are committed to revolutionizing the sales landscape by eradicating unnecessary training and simplifying the path to success. By harnessing the power of AI and curated best practice sales methods, we empower salespeople to excel in their pursuits, bringing unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness to their roles. Together, let's embrace the future of sales enablement with Shadow Seller as your trusted AI-powered best pal.


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