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Welcome to Shadow Seller

Shadow Seller is a team of technology, sales and marketing leaders who have combined to create an advanced GPT sales solution called Shadow.  

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What is Shadow?


Shadow is a fully customizable private GPT based on the curation and fine-tuning of the most effective B2B sales methodologies and behavioral psychology studies in the world. When combined with the customer's optimized sales and marketing content, Shadow becomes an exclusive and powerful tool for organizations to transform sales skills, productivity and growth. 

The World is Experimenting with GPTs


Many organizations and sales employees are experimenting with GPTs, and suffer from a variety of challenges, ranging from generic responses to bad advice to confidentiality breaches. Shadow ingests fully optimized customer content, including a Go-to-Market sales blueprint. The result is a precision sales GPT and interactive mentor that generates personalized sales strategies and tactics, that challenges and advances skills at any level.

The GPT Wild West

We are currently in the Wild West of GPTs and business usage.  Right now your sales team has been trying Microsoft Copilot, ChatGPT or Gemini, and realizing some benefits (e.g. content productivity, faster research, etc.).  However, there are multiple dangers of employees engaging with 'generic' GPTs using their limited prompting skills:

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Get Ahead with a Shadow Custom Sales GPT

Solution At 50,000ft


Create the GPT: Shadow Seller collaborates with each customer to curate and optimize your sales and marketing related content, and then we build, test and tune a Shadow GPT for your exclusive usage.

Onboard the team: We will then onboard your sales team and teach the prompting skills needed to maximize usage, all designed to modernize your AI sales skills, transform sales effectiveness and ultimately boost sales.


Driving value: While this is not an overly complex process (we're trying to simplify the use of AI after all) driving the most value is about generating context & nuance.  Gaining a proficiency in prompting will significantly assist in knowing how to ask the right questions!


Here is a high level graphic that presents the Shadow solution:

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The Power is Under the Hood


Shadow combines several components in order to achieve accurate, relevant and high value responses.

  • GPT-4 acts as a basis for the broader knowledge base and natural language generation.  

  • The first corpus (curated body of content) is the Shadow sales encyclopedia - a combination of best practice selling methods and more contemporary ideas about how humans memorize and recall, form preferences and biases to make decisions.

  • The second corpus is a curation and refining of customer content relating to the sales, marketing, positioning, messaging, value proposition and differentiation of your offerings. It could be for all products or services for a company, or more targeted for a division, industry, or product line. We recommend the inclusion of what we are calling your GTM Blueprint, which is a fully reviewed Go-to-Market primer that forms the basis for sales advice.

  • Sales users are also able to insert specific prospect information into the prompt to add even more relevance to the answers that Shadow provides.

We have worked with organizations who have tried to build their own GPTs, and pushed them at the sales team.  Without optimized corpus content, context is lost or ambiguous, resulting in poor advice and weak insights.  Review the simple example below, clicking on the image to magnify:

The above example shows how GPT responses can differ greatly, whether using a general-purpose GPT like ChatGPT or Shadow's custom GPT loaded/indexed with sales methodologies and the customer's go-to-market content.  On a lighter note, ask ChatGPT how it compares to a custom sales GPT, response here!

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As the rest of the business world procrastinates and fumbles with the incredible power of GenAI, try Shadow right now. 

Shadow Seller is your domain expert and trusted partner.  We collaborate to create a custom Shadow GPT, onboard your sales team, and teach effective prompt crafting that modernizes your sales efforts and maximizes your results.
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