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Why can't I just use Chat GPT?

This is a common question so lets hit it up front. The bottom line is that you could use Chat GPT to provide some sales help - but just because you could, doesn't mean you should . Give Emma a couple of minutes and she'll explain. 


The truth is - you can use Chat GPT. And you will find some decent advice and answers. But you will also be the victim of unoriginal, un-curated mediocre content of uncertain origin. Chat GPT has learned from the internet which contains the full spectrum of quality - the good, the bad & the ugly! While Shadow has the language skills of Chat GPT we've trained them on "our" content. Originally organized, authored, collected, studied, curated, contextualized, tokenized & indexed. Add your company information to it and it's hot!

 Well that all sounds good, but what does it mean?

  • Shadow helps you navigate whatever situation you are considering without jumping in and prescribing prematurely. Chat will just tell you something to do, which is a sign of a response to “symptoms” not the root causes. It's not bad, but it's not best either!


  • Shadow will help you reflect by offering a range of choices. In Shadow Chat, Shadow will ask some questions which helps both you and Shadow triage a situation.


  • Richer responses are about building value, rather than rushing headlong into “doing something”. Don’t forget Shadow is built to help you demonstrate thought and consistency with both your prospects and YOUR management. This means to need to have explored the logic behind your course of action. You need to convince yourself and your team and leadership that you’ve considered alternatives and there’s a “method to the madness!”


  • Shadow is a realist. In the back and forth you have and the more you think about the questions you ask, the more contextually cogent the insights become and the more practical the advice Shadow suggests. This saves considerable thinking time.


We have not even discussed the conflict between achieving greater context and security – what does this mean?


Deriving the most value out of AI is all about context & nuance. This is at least in part achieved by providing as much information as possible. In the world of Shadow that means the ability to share information with Shadow like case studies, RFP responses, white papers, blogs, etc. Anything that Shadow can blend in with their current corpus, so the insights and advice become oriented from the perspective of your company, your solutions and your point of view. This is hard (if not impossible) to achieve with chat) and even if you try, you’ll be skirting the legalities of sharing confidential info with the outside world.

Like so many things in life & in business it's not that you use a solution like Shadow - it's how you use it.



If your team is engaging in these types of situational dialogues with ChatGPT, they will be sharing potentially sensitive information (in order to provide the necessary context - real value here is all about context.) Once this is out there...its out there! OpenAI uses ALL the information it gets during any "discourse" to continue to train their model, and it's therefore open to drive answers (potentially) for competitors. If you're sharing any customer information, even just case study information, you could be contravening an NDA.

ChatGPT is a public application and business and enterprises have seen an increase in the number of their employees using it with sensitive company data. This poses a risk as OpenAI may use the content as training data to improve its models. Company employees should not have to cut and paste sensitive company information in the public ChatGPT in an attempt to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Shadow uses the Microsoft OpenAI service API’s to interact with Large Language Model’s which is a cloud service provided by Microsoft in their fully controlled Azure environment. The data going between the user and models via prompts, completions or embeddings is stored and queried from the customers own secure data sources and it’s usage by Microsoft is governed by their data privacy policies. What that means is your information is NOT getting shared with the world at large.


You will get some decent answers to sales situational & pursuit questions when you converse with Chat GPT - but as you continue a "dialogue" you'll notice they are somewhat generic & repetitive. In some cases they're also just plain wrong and come with dubious references.

Shadow has been specifically built, tuned & trained for complex sales situations. The goal is simplification (sales is complex), speed (get you answers fast) & relevant (get you the most accurate, contextually cogent advice.)

  • Generative AI models attempt to cover a broad range of tasks, we specialize in solving a specific set of challenges tailored to seller productivity, efficiency & effectiveness.

  • Shadow is trained and fine-tuned, ensuring it generates results that reflect the needs of modern sellers & sales teams.

  • Faster Time-to-Value - Using Shadow means you don't have to spend time tweaking and retraining generic models to fit your needs. Our out-of-the-box solution is purpose-built delivering rapid time-to-value. While it all works better with the context that you add - we have some of that already built in.

  • Unparalleled Domain Knowledge - Shadow is crafted by a team of experts deeply immersed in selling. We've spent years living (and studying) the nuances, complexities, and challenges of modern sales. This has allowed us to create a unique mix of best practice, modern considerations, contextually cogent advice, delivered via a fast, accurate generative ai.

  • It's all about the context & nuance - Sales is a game of inches - just like life. The difference between winning and not is small - its about the nuance.


Skills and aspects around tokenization & indexing directly contribute to an AI's ability to understand and interpret context, which is fundamental in delivering relevant, accurate, and considered insights & advice. Shadow excels in these areas & is adept at handling complex, nuanced, and varied data, thereby offering a more sophisticated and context-aware experience to its users.

Intelligent Tokenization for Contextual Understanding: Our expertise in tokenization allows Shadow to dissect and comprehend language at an unprecedented level. By breaking down text into intelligible tokens, Shadow doesn't just read - it understands nuances and contexts. This intricate processing, using our curated datasets, offers you a level of data interpretation that's rare and valuable.

Speed and Accuracy with Advanced Indexing: Speed is nothing without accuracy, and Shadow excels at both. Our innovative indexing methods ensure rapid access to relevant information, all while maintaining the highest levels of precision. Shadow delivers with efficiency that's hard to match.

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