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We’ve built a finely tuned, customizable, generative AI to provide fast, contextually cogent, reliable answers for sellers.

How? (1) Our experience & expertise has allowed us to create and curate the best in sales practices & methods. We’ve combined these best practices with our own blend of contemporary thinking in psychology, behavioral economics and human decision making to create an ai sales sidekick that’ll get you better prepared, more accurately & faster than ever before. Shadow can  produce supporting tools like call guides, meeting plans & agendas, talk tracks as well as  sales strategy & tactic recommendations. (2) We recognized the need to work with you to ensure the optimal use of Shadow and maximum adoption. Hence we have a set of services to ensure that Shadow is tuned to deliver the greatest value for you & your team, and your team knows how to drive the most value from Shadow.

Image by Rene Böhmer

Shadow uses existing foundational models. Instead of training new models, we use pre-trained models like GPT-4, which have already learned from large language and natural language models and have learned & refined their “understanding” by having access to vast amounts of internet data. 

Shadow leverages contextual data and prompts: we are  retrieving relevant contextual information and using effective (pretty sophisticated) prompts to guide the generation of responses from the language model. The prompts we build and use are a formula that reflects our knowledge & experience of sound selling best practice, the best of current thinking and a heavy dose of reality.

Image by Fernando Rodrigues

Our process is an iterative approach. We started with basic prompting and continuously test and making appropriate changes to improve the performance of the generative AI app. We are not teaching the model new data. We do that with semantic search.  

We fine tune which teaches a pattern or task that enables more precise & nuanced responses. As we all know - selling is ALL about subtlety & nuance.

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