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What's different about what you've done?

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There are various choices you can make when assessing GenAI - let's dig into those.

Why can't I just use Chat GPT

You can try any of the publicly available GPTs for sales strategy and advice anytime. It's an "ok" way to get started & become familiar. But the outcome will be mediocrity - inconsistencies, erroneous advice, lack of relevance and the danger of confidentiality breaches. It's a good place to start, but not a good place to end!

We've worked to cover this ground so for more information on this subject take a look here and/or at the blog.

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Tell me what's more valuable about Shadowseller's approach?

There are two broad parts of the ShadowSeller approach, and just to add confusion they each contribute to one another!

1. Shadow

Shadow is a specialized, customizable, private GPT. It's trained on and expert in a corpus built on  the creation and curation of the most effective B2B sales methodologies and behavioral psychology ideas. We've tokenized and indexed this data. This enables Shadow to generate relevant and coherent outputs for sales readiness and enablement tasks. Shadow makes use of RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) allowing the AI to pull from a repository of sales-related knowledge and tailor its responses to specific scenarios, making it more effective in assisting sales professionals.


Why is using a RAG important:?

  1. Enhanced Relevance: By retrieving relevant information from a knowledge base before generating responses, the model can produce more contextually appropriate and accurate content, which is crucial in sales scenarios where specifics matter.

  2. Increased Efficiency: RAG helps the model quickly access and incorporate a wealth of sales-related information without having to generate it from scratch each time, speeding up response times and improving productivity.

  3. Better Customization: The retrieval component of RAG allows the model to pull from a diverse range of sources, enabling it to tailor responses more closely to the unique needs and situations of different sales interactions. One example of a diverse source would be your sales content and assets that we digest!

  4. Improved Learning: The retrieval system is updated with new information, allowing Shadow to continuously learn. 

  5. Higher Quality Outputs: By leveraging both retrieval and generation, RAG can produce outputs that are not only relevant but also more informative and nuanced, which is valuable in complex sales discussions.

When combined with the customer's (your) sales and marketing content, Shadow becomes an exclusive and powerful "digital mentor" for organizations to transform sales skills, increase productivity and accelerate growth.

You (or your teams) access shadow through a simple URL. Shadow's value derives from its corpus. That value is a product of our expertise and experience in enterprise selling, and how we have tuned Shadow in that regard.

2. Shadow Seller Services

In order for Shadow and you to succeed we know that you and your teams should understand how to drive the most value from using Shadow. This means there are some professional services required in the early stages of a Shadow deployment. While these are limited in time, scope and cost, they are, nevertheless, crucial to successful implementation and adoption. 

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That all sounds pretty good, but what's stopping me doing this myself?

This is a question businesses have asked of themselves constantly, for years, particularly when it comes to building or buying different technologies. Being candid, of course you could do it yourselves, you just need to understand the pro's and the cons.

  1. Cost Efficiency: Subscribing to an existing solution can be more cost-effective than building and maintaining a model in-house, especially for small to medium-sized businesses with limited resources.

  2. Time to Market: Using a pre-built solution allows for faster deployment and quicker realization of benefits, as it eliminates the need for extensive development and training time.

  3. Expertise: Subscription services are often provided by companies with specialized expertise in AI, as well as in the targeted business function or domain (in this case, enterprise sales) ensuring that the solution is built on the latest advancements and best practices in the field.

  4. Scalability: Subscription-based solutions are typically designed to be scalable, allowing companies to easily adjust their usage and costs based on their changing needs.

  5. Maintenance, updates & advancements: A service provider is not only  responsible for maintaining and updating the AI solution, ensuring that it remains effective and up-to-date without additional effort from the subscribing company, but is motivated to constantly be assessing how to add more value.


Ultimately, the choice between building a custom GPT model yourselves or using a specialized, subscription-based Generative AI solution depends on factors such as the company's specific needs, resources, cost, expertise, and strategic goals.

Ready to get started?
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