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Shadow Seller AI and FRONTLINE Selling Forge Strategic Partnership


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Shadow Seller AI / FRONTLINE Selling

Shadow Seller AI and FRONTLINE Selling Forge Strategic Partnership

Cutting-Edge GenAI Solution Aims to Improve Sales Pipeline Success

Atlanta (June 4, 2024) — Shadow Seller AI, a leader in generative AI technology for sales enablement, and FRONTLINE Selling, an established expert in pipeline growth strategies, are excited to announce a strategic partnership. This collaboration will integrate Shadow Seller’s GenAI solution both internally at FRONTLINE Selling and across their extensive client base.

"Shadow revolutionizes sales by integrating best practices, personalized solutions, and market strategies with industry-specific insights. This AI-driven sales coach & mentor offers tailored advice and guidance, empowering sellers to navigate complex sales challenges—from account strategy development to managing prospect dynamics and competitive pressures. With Shadow, sellers can be better prepared, faster, while sales leaders enhance team performance with confidence in the coaching provided. Organizations benefit from reduced training costs and time, driving faster success and greater profitability."

Under the terms of the partnership, FRONTLINE Selling will:

  1. Implement Shadow internally to enhance operational efficiency and sales effectiveness.

  2. Position and integrate Shadow into their product offerings, providing their clients access to this advanced GenAI tool to improve their sales opportunity conversions & pipeline growth.

"FRONTLINE recognizes the strategic benefits and future potential of integrating Shadow into their operations, enhancing value to their clients," said Simon Boardman, CEO of Shadow Seller AI. "By adding Shadow to their toolkit, FRONTLINE aims to boost their clients’ sales team readiness and performance. Unlike many tools that burden sales teams with monitoring & reporting overhead, Shadow provides genuine value, empowering sellers rather than constraining them."

“Our goal has always been to generate the most qualified meaningful conversations for our clients so they can focus on creating growth opportunities within their organizations. What we have found, over time, is that the first call is becoming less and less tactical and more informational, resulting in fewer opportunities and longer sales cycles” said Jason Stone, President, and CEO of FRONTLINE Selling. “By using Shadow, sales reps can become better prepared and structured on these calls, driving value, strategic alignment, belief, and preference instead of just gathering and providing information. With Shadow you can build a blueprint for every call and progress through the sales process more tactically and with greater success. Timely, efficient preparation is key.” 


About Shadow Seller AI 

Shadow Seller AI is at the forefront of using generative artificial intelligence to revolutionize B2B sales. Their flagship product, Shadow, leverages machine learning and natural language processing to streamline sales coaching, readiness and enhance decision-making. For more information, visit:

About FRONTLINE Selling 

FRONTLINE Selling is committed to helping businesses increase their sales pipeline and drive revenue growth through innovative strategies and solutions. With a track record of success, FRONTLINE Selling equips companies to achieve their sales objectives with greater efficiency. For more information, visit:


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