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What they're saying...

Chris M - Strategic Acct Mgr

"Shadow saves me a ton of time, every day of every week. I start a thread of each account I'm dealing with then just keep updating the conversation with Shadow"

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Keith G - Sales Enablement Expert

"Shadow takes all the complexities of method & applies them to the situation you outline. Shadow combines those with your solutions, providing contextually cogent advice." 


Chase D - Director of Business Dev

"We have less & less time with the prospect & I spent a lot of time planning these calls. Shadow not only saves time and I'm confident I'm more completely prepared." 


Nigel H - Account Exec

"We don't suffer from lack of content, we have a lot. One of our challenges in sales is figuring which to use in the context of my customer and prospect interaction. Shadow simplifies all that."


Dan M - Regional VP

"Its not just about establishing a strategy, its about getting the extended team to follow it. Once I've had a chat with Shadow, we craft a rational plan, explain it once and follow it always."

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