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Taming the GPT Frontier: "Navigating the AI Wild West with Wit and Wisdom"

Updated: Mar 1

The AI GPT market is dynamic and rapidly evolving. It often gets likened to the “wild west” due to its rapid growth, innovation, and lack of clear regulation in the field. Much like the untamed frontiers of the Wild West, the AI landscape is characterized by a sense of lawlessness, with new technologies emerging at a breakneck pace, and established rules and standards struggling to keep up. Carpet baggers, new religions, the good, the bad & the ugly. It’s exciting, but uncertain. Searching for gold and adventure, people are venturing into uncharted territory.

With this amount of noise and chaos, it’s hard to make sense of things. While GPTs can transform the way we interact with data and information, it is difficult to find the right area to explore given your specific needs. These choices won’t become much clearer anytime soon, so we say “take the plunge” – so let’s explain why.

GPTs are deep learning models that learn from vast data across domains like language and images. They can generate new data and perform tasks like text generation, image captioning, and speech recognition with high accuracy. GPTs can profoundly enhance the capabilities and productivity of those working with data and information, and as such cannot be ignored and adoption needs to be  explored with some urgency.

Chat GPT is a good place to start, but it’s not a good place to end. Some companies are actively encouraging their teams to “have at it” with chat GPT, adopting a kind of “let’s see where we go” attitude. Others turn a blind eye to it (with the same intent BTW) and some actively discourage it.

In using Chat GPT sales teams, for example, should realize some timesaving and improvement in effectiveness. Once you’ve seen that, it’s time to get serious. Using ChatGPT anymore than a “suck it and see” approach will put you behind the curve longer term. In order to understand why this is, don't just rely on us...this is what Chat GPT had to say about itself when we asked that question...

1.      Lack of Domain-Specific Knowledge: ChatGPT does not have the depth of domain-specific knowledge and expertise that a specialized sales GPT would have. This impacts the quality and relevance of the responses in a sales context.

2.      Limited Customization: ChatGPT is not designed to be customized to the specific needs, processes, and the language of a particular sales team. A specialized GPT, on the other hand, can be fine-tuned to align with the unique requirements of a sales organization.

3.      Data Privacy and Security: Using ChatGPT for sales tasks might raise concerns about data privacy and security, as sensitive customer information could be exposed. A specialized GPT can be designed with robust security measures to protect sensitive data.

4.      Integration Challenges: ChatGPT may not integrate seamlessly with existing sales tools and CRM systems, which can limit its effectiveness in streamlining sales processes. A specialized GPT can be built to integrate smoothly with the sales team's tech stack.

5.      Contextual Understanding: ChatGPT will struggle to understand the context of complex sales scenarios or customer interactions. A specialized GPT is better equipped to handle the contextual nuances of sales-related conversations.

6.      Continuous Learning: While ChatGPT can learn from a wide range of sources, it may not be optimized for continuous learning from sales-specific interactions. A specialized GPT can be designed to learn and adapt from sales interactions, improving its responses over time.


So what’s the Shadow “savvy” on all this?

ChatGPT and specialized GPTs have different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to sales use. ChatGPT can offer “some” timesaving and effectiveness benefits, but as it freely admits itself, it lacks domain-specific knowledge, offers limited customization, has data privacy and security issues, integration challenges, contextual understanding problems, and continuous learning limitations. It’s not a bad place to start, but like we said, it's a bad place to finish (you know, like peaking in high school!).

A specialized GPT overcomes these drawbacks. Yes, It will require some more time and resources to set up and maintain, and so as not to disappoint with no promotional thoughts – that’s where we come in!

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